Natural hair and interracial dating Natural Hair and Interracial Dating

Natural hair and interracial dating

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My Syrian boyfiend at the time begged me to go natural, he said black women are the most beautiful women. You Might Also Like. It was a mix between his advocacy and all of the beautiful styles of natural black women I saw in New York—and in my own mother—that made me finally give in.

I felt it wise, at times, to judge men by their judgment of my hair. Notify of new replies to this comment.

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So Butterflies, what is your take on this topic? The first time he saw me without my weave, he saw me with my old cornrows with dandruff and bits of weave tracks stuck to them.

I big chopped 1. Shout out to mom for sending me all those fabulous YouTube hair videos. He also happens to be white.

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Would he look at me differently? You should have stayed the way you were before. You want one what??! He kept reassuring me that I was still beautiful and that he loved me no matter how my hair looks.

I love people of all races. As an author she has tomake things interesting enough, to make people read and react.

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Thanks again and keep up the great work! Nothing wrong with IRR but I swear its like some of these women want cookies for being with a non-black man.

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You would be amazed at the number of Whites who like the texture and versatility of our hair. He loves my afro so much and he encourages me to wear it out more often. Not all Black men are like this, just like not all Black women are bitter, but yet Black women get the bitter label and I hear it from our men the most, if not only!

Name of Event 3. Natural hair in an interracial relationship is not a big deal.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

So what is your issue? I moved to Korea and we were apart for over a year, this is when I big natural hair and interracial dating. Thanks so much for watching Butterfly. He will have questions… answer them… share every aspect. But the most part, they were, at worst, entirely less concerned than I gave them credit for and, at best, the most reliable source of encouragement for which I could ever ask. Everyone has it but when you tap into it the activation of motivating others just comes pouring out of you. Being open-minded and experimenting in your dating life could yield to you looking at Caucasian, Asian, or any other race that was off the scale before.

Send us the following information:. My friend lives in an area filled with many races so we will use the DMV as the experiment.

Sabrina- Wow small world! Are you planning an event in the name of Natural Hair, Sisterhood, or Confidence? My natural hair journey began at the end ofwhile transitioning under weaves and wigs, I met my amazing partner.