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Online dating guy to girl ratio, two girls for every boy: what dating sites give men the best gender odds?

It's cloying, and makes a woman wonder whose baby it is.

Do Men Really Outnumber Women on Dating Sites?

Shout-out to the guys who want to "play": That said, the dating experience for men and women on these sites may be such that most women feel as if they must be in short supply.

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You want everything you see. Amazing how for every lady filing for divorce, she has a man she just dumped.

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Even if you are a good listener who likes museums, sunsets, and walks in the park, don't say so. On paid subscription based dating sites, site policies may account for most non-responders:. We do NOT mean: I'm not talking just a few more I'm talking 10X more emails. It is never a good idea.

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To remedy this imbalance Dateline used to keep female members on their books after their subscription had run out. Huntington Beach, California Santa Cruz, California Both cities are surfing paradises but neither comes close to a gender ratio of two women for every man. Don't know where that came from.

For women who put a premium on marriage, geography may matter.

Total sample dating guy to girl ratio is just under profiles. That alone takes time to sort through. So you definitely aren't getting a whole population.

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Cities like Seattle or Silicon Valley or San Francisco or Denver have less lopsided or even male-skewed gender ratios among college grads, so the dating environment is going to be more woman-friendly. Compensation may impact which products we review and write about and where those products appear.

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You can use these tags: You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit. What is the average net worth of everybody in the room? This is also what happens in dating.

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Log in Sign up with Facebook. I did about 8 searches with my own male account, and then another 6 with a throwaway female account with nothing filled in, in case I'd just been hidden by a lot of women on the site, or OKC wasn't showing me their profiles for some reason.