Online dating he lied about his age How to Tell If Your Online Date Is a Liar

Online dating he lied about his age

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My ex lied about his age when we first met. Pilossoph lives in Chicago with her two children.

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A recent UK survey conducted by Voucher Codes Pro of singles showed that about 58 percent of daters lie on their profile to impress potential dates. If you cannot do that and you feel you can't trust him anymore, then you should let him go.

I did not change my age in order to match up with younger groups.

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Tons of us 30's women who want men our own age and not these 19 yr old who are hitting on us! He's not a bad guy, but it's so unfair and misleading. It did not work out but it was better than many date of my own age. My advice to you would be to really think carefully about whether you're serious about him or not. He was too "shocked and embarrassed". I did a search on your blog before I sat dating he lied about his age to write this letter, and found a blog article where you say that it is okay to stretch the truth a little, just to get your foot in the door.

If older, check your preferences and see if he was just trying to get in because he really likes who you present yourself as. How old are you is a basic question. What is your comfort level with lying???? This Blogger's Books and Other Items from As for the "nice guy" that lied about his age, no way, as many have said if he lied about something as little as that then what else has he or will he lie about.

What exactly does this mean? If he lied about something as simple as his age, then there are others things he's also lying about.

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Man poses as woman on dating site… Read More…. And I realize age is just a number and maybe shouldn't be that big a deal when you're looking at the big picture, but it would cause me concern about what else he may lie about.

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Keep up with the story here. Age and weight are the two most common lies in the world If he is lying There is the possibility that he read your profile something I haven't done yet and saw that he was outside your desired age range, yet felt that he connected with you on the other levels enough to contact you and see what you thought.

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Now in future i made the money that makes me secure enough to start dating someone but every woman my age is either divorced with kids or not pretty enough for me not that i have a problem with either or anything else, so i mention a reduced age so i can date someone of my liking.

Do you lie about your age to date younger girls? The person knew the age up front.

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Yet the saying was a Lady never tells the truth about her age or weight. In the online dating world, how much lying is okay, and how much is considered too much?

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We've all lied or fibbed about something in our lifetime, but like you said, what else might he be lying about or is likely to lie about in the future? I'm really questioning this guy's priorities.

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