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Gallery View members who have recently uploaded a photo. I recently started blogging and I want to change my meta title and description of the home page.

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By Savas in forum Google Optimization. I don't think this is a difficult feature to add. There should be a keyword search, so you can search users profiles for key words and phrases.

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Not everyone lists everything in interests. Company Read about DatingBuzz, the company that operates this Web site. You need to do keyword research and dig into long-tail phrases like "free online dating for local singles"" London dating" and similar keywords.

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Birthdays Find people whose birthday is today. Once you know your keywords, you can then pay for an SEO service. Photo Help Hints and tips for uploading photos. If for example, I was to have 'Solving Puzzles' on my profile as you do, then should I click on it, then your profile would appear in a list of others with it. Log in with Facebook.

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Status Information on your current subscription status and your subscription history. Maybe the more people that wouldn't replied, it would have gotten the website admins' attention and I may have gotten my Keyword Search.

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This site was built mean and lean and thats why it works as well as it does with as many active users as it has a day. New View our newest members. My targeted countries are US, and UK mainly.

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Next I tried the dating keyword search "roller", knowing how rare rollerblading is as an interest. Tried another keyword and another, and it kept bringing up profiles without the keyword.

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Which goes back to your original point, many people don't put as much info in the "Interests" section as they do in the "About Me" section. We discussed something similar two days ago: It also seemed smart enough to match substrings.

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