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During the war years Parker manufactured the "Wunup" pipe made of bakelite and clay. Still, there is an uncanny similarity in the look and feel between a Parker and a Dunhill, and this is especially true of the pres patent pieces. This means that Parker took in Dunhill "failings" - a fancy word for parkers pipes dating that didn't quite parker pipes dating the criteria to be a Dunhill, for whatever reason. The pipe itself came to me in a collection of pipes accumulated between the early s and the mid s, with many pipes purchased in London.

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It is almost a dead ringer for Royal Blend, so much so that the next time I have a jar of and Royal opened at the same time, I need to smoke back to back bowls to compare and contrast, and decide which I actually prefer.

I have 3 Hardcastles made in the mid 70s which are great smokers. Bel Air, MD Registration date: The funny thing is that Royal Blend has probably been around longer than Anyways, I'll PM you whenever I get the and I will definitely send you some, as well as some 10 I have pounds of it.

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The first year's pipes had no date code; from on it ran consecutively from 1 to From what I can learn on the net it probably is from the early sixties. I don't have any photos of it in its current state; I have it and most of my collection - restored and not packed safely away at the moment since we've been doing some "rearranging" around the house.

I highly doubt the original owner of this pipe knew of the significance of this Parker, but he did know quality pipes as the collection has a number of rare, unique parkers pipes dating including, for example, many of the prized straightgrain early GBDs that have been offered, as well as pieces yet to be listed such as straightgrain Loewes and Orliks as well as other rare specimens.

I've looked on thier site and they look to have some interesting blends for sure Have to say that the days of 'bac " That is the St.

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A bit of soft rounding all around the inner rim edge, but mainly between the 12 o'clock and 4 o'clock position. The most logical and sane response to this whole thing. Comoy's Straight Xmas Pipe Our Newsletter Your First Name: Falcon Pipe Bent Standard Sat Mar 24, 5: I wonder why they left the diamond blank? The pipe is pretty much pristine; the oxidation has been long removed.

Cape Town Registration date: E Cigs and Accessories. Borkum Riff Pipe Tobacco.

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If I get the chance I'll try to get a current photo to post. The leather goods are there too. From what I can gather from Smokingpipes dating of Parkers, it seems this pipe would fall in to the category. Started 3 years ago by Greg Latest reply from.

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At one time, they and Hardcastle were made in the same factory as Dunhill and sometimes are reffered to as Dunhill "seconds', though Dunhill states they NEVER made any seconds They were one of many old line pipe co's in England that produced excellent pipes. The late John Loring - in his invaluable reference guide "The Dunhill Briar Pipe" - references that "a Parker pipe with a 19 date code has been reliably reported.

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