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That's when I knew I was screwed.

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She went into a relationship with another guy, because she thought I might not have the same feelings she had for me, but few months later I discovered that I couldn't do without her. If you would like to leave a comment of your own, please visit the main Passions in Poetry site at www. We became inseparable for about a year and a half back in Brandy Owens More Friendship Poems. I feel exactly the same way about him that says in the poem. Shellaine shelli 5 years ago I entirely agree with that previous comment.

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So a few months we got closer and we became inseparable and whenever I am talking to some other guy he would drag me away or tell me that he wanted to tell me something. I have ruined things between us, and I'm not sure it it'll grow back. We have a connection unlike any other friend we have! I kept on denying that I like him.

Poem About Loving A Best Friend

You might also like …. Generally a real best friend won't date an ex.

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We been friends for a year and now we're more than poems about dating your best friend, and it all happend the same way as in the poem. But she doesn't know shes obivous to my existance and with that fatal blow theres no way to show that i love her without scaring her but one day i will and she'll see what she means to me Draciolus Wow.

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Stephenie Hodgson More than Friendship When I think of you going away, It makes me sad and get all mad, When I hear your name it makes me smile, My friends say I could go on for a mile, But to let someone go away from you, It's like tearing your heart into pieces of two, I just want to say, That I still like you, Even if we are just good friends, I'll still believe in you, May God guide you where ever you go, And remember I'm here to watch your light grow. I don't evenknow what to say! Click here and we'll make it easy.

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It was an overdue hug. There are More comments below the poem I love him that I need him, but I don't want to lose him.

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