Pros and cons of dating your best guy friend The Tricky Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

Pros and cons of dating your best guy friend, pros and cons of dating your best guy friend

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The best thing about dating friends is that you already know what kind of person you have in front of you and what kind of reactions you can expect, making it a lot more pleasant and comfortable for both sides, since there are not so many unfamiliar things. Posted Aug 25 - Maine Belonio is a twenty-something mom and writer who has a penchant for coffee, long distance running, Tolkien, Switchfoot, and Jesus. Try to enlist the help of your squad and his, too.

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While a girl rarely says no to a romantic dinner or movie outing with a new guy, these dates can carry a lot of pressure with them. Still, in order for a relationship to work, it takes time, effort and trust from both sides. We have all become too wrapped up in a politically correct mentality, so we are careful to not judge others. Maybe they want to get married by the time they are thirty and have three kids.

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Thanks SOOO much for putting this article out!!! But, having all those moments lived through with someone you are in a relationship with, besides having that pro and cons of dating your best guy friend as your best friend as well, is something even more special. You might also like Quiz: The time you lied to your parents about a birthday party and went to a club? Your email address will not be published.

Your family has probably seen the dark days of your best friend! If convenience and comfort are your only reasons, it may be smart to move onto the next guy.

Excuse me while I go and hug him.

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You know their routine, their little quirks, everything you loved about them tends to become monotonous, since there is nothing new to discover!

Skip to main content. But be warned, collegiettes: That way you will become even stronger as a couple. If not, you might have to find yourself a whole new group of friends.

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Prince Charming may be closer than you think. My aforementioned friend and I did start dating, but because I was so relaxed and not worried about what he thought of me, I ended up on the other end of the spectrum. Anyway, this is just if you end up breaking up but if not, your love story is one proof that you can actually date your best friend, fall in love together, and live happily ever after.

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Read on to find out if file your best friend is the right thing to do. So if you believe in your heart that this can be you and your guy BFF, go for it.

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Pros and cons of dating your best guy friend Understand some of the pros and cons of judgments and how they serve our best interests. The most beautiful and unforgettable love stories are those with best friends falling in love with each other every single day, though thick and thin. Kelsey also has a fashion blog, The Trendologistwhere she covers the latest trends, fashion shows, and red carpet reports. As a magazine junkie and fashion fanatic, she loves being a part of the Her Campus team!

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The family has seen you guys become best buds for years now! Is Judging Others Acceptable? All of a sudden a darkness covers my drawing. I finally really look at him and was blown away.