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Send me a copy Cancel. That secrecy may be a smart business move, but it makes eHarmony a target for scientific critics, not to mention its rivals. Events Guide Television Theater Video: Grown-ups, leave the kids alone.

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A website like OkCupid, whose algorithm relies primarily on horizontal qualities, is virtually meaningless in the grand scheme of a relationship. When psychological matchmaking motives elicit strategic costly signals.

Photographed By Lauren Perstein.

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Psychosocial models of social support in the etiology of physical disease. At Three Day Rulea Los Angeles-based matchmaking service, clients are asked to bring in pictures of their ex-partners to scan for face-recognition technology. You are already subscribed to this email.

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The impact of regular religious practice and exercise on well-being. Theory of social interaction.

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Rationality and Society, 10, 5 — A meta-analysis of personality traits and subjective well-being. It has started a longitudinal study comparing eHarmony couples with a control group, and Dr.

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Study 4 investigates a moderator of the rewarding nature of matchmaking: Psychosomatic Medicine, 57, — Psychological Bulletin,— Homophily and differential returns: Google Scholar CrossrefMedline.

Spending money on others promotes happiness. Norton 2 Michael I. In the battle of the matchmakers, Chemistry.

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The role of psychological matchmaking relations in health promotion. He quickly adds that it does matter whom you choose to be in a relationship with in the first place — mostly to the degree that you choose someone kind, loving, and emotionally stable.

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Please try again later. Researchers who studied online dating found that the customers typically ended up going out with fewer than 1 percent of the people whose profiles they studied, and that those dates often ended up being huge letdowns.

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