Pz s35 matchmaking Does the Pz S35 get punitive matchmaking or is it just me?

Pz s35 matchmaking

Edited by CyberKnife, Apr 28 - S35 is nothing special.

I noticed after doing the pz matchmaking that you have about gold, so I bought this little fella and had a tinker with it. CyberKnife 5 Posted Apr 28 - Play it like a heavy in tier 3, play it as a support tank in pz matchmaking 4, it's fine. Following testing, a pre-series of four was produced of the improved type, the AC4, to be tested until 27 January Love it bought it because it was cheap lol and wanted to earn free Xperia to get me out of my jog.

And thanks to each of the two top-tier heavies on my team for doing almost as much damage as I did.

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CFagan 2 Posted Apr 28 - Both types of units were very similar in equipment, training, and organization, as the German armored divisions were primarily intended for strategic exploitation; the breakthrough phase was preferably left to the infantry. I know it doesn't have special MM; my post was in response to the moaning on the wiki that it should, and that the tank is totally ineffective against tier 5 tanks.

As usual, a picture says it all: Early inFrance was finally given permission to re-equip its forces with SOMUA S40s, now that the type had become obsolete and the Germans had lost interest.

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Built from until to equip the armored divisions of the Cavalry, it was, for its time, a relatively agile medium-weight tank, superior in armor and armament to both its French and foreign competitors, such as the contemporary versions of the German Panzerkampfwagen III.

The mediums, not so much. It was intended to become the main production type, superseding the S35 from the st vehicle forward with total orders having reached four hundred hulls, but none were completed at the time of the German invasion.

But the problem is that all tier 3's I've played only get into tier 5 battles, which is frustrating to say the least. Some of the captured S35s were delivered to German allies: No, something about hiring better help that doesn't just stand around watching you die!

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Needless to say my team was walloped. Well worth the pz matchmaking in my opinion. Good hit points Good acceleration Relatively fast traverse speed Rounded armour, which makes this tank's armour quite thick against tier 3 and lower High damage potential and rate of fire Cons: The 21st and 25th Panzerdivision in used some S35s when reforming after having been largely destroyed.

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Do not show this dialog again. Originally, a total production of was planned, but the second order was limited to for financial reasons. It is woefully outclassed against tier 5 tanks.

I normally have about dmg and if you angel and wiggle the armor it is beast. I regularly get tier 3 battles with it, maybe half of the time I get a tier 4 or 5 battle. S35 does not have preferential matchmaking, and so it has to fight Tier IV tanks very country nsw dating sites. Some vehicles had their superstructure removed and were used for driver-training.

Edited by PTwr, Apr 28 - What a way to go. I've updated the OP; re-read it and see what you think now. Avoid tier 5 tanks like the KV-1 and AT 2 at all costs, as attacking them from even the sides or rear will result in no penetration.

All tier III mediums should get preferential match making. However, most of the tier 3 TD's can penetrate you, and the Marder II and T82 can potentially 1 or 2 shot you, so resort to different tactics for these opponents. This thing can easily kill tier 4s and bounce any machine guns, just totally OP.