Reddit destiny raid matchmaking Our rules:

Reddit destiny raid matchmaking

We made it through the first few pieces without wiping. This is a game where time management always helps too.

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The problem with that? It will in times. This is a faster, easier way to get grouped up for Nightfalls and Raids.

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Thank Talos the neckbeards are Microsoft put in groups. Absolutely no linking to livestreams, except official Bungie streams or past broadcasts.

Hence why an lfg type system has been implemented in to the game. We should hold a combine for guardians That's it from me.

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Clan Banana Van has open seats and only you can fill them. We all communicate through a group chat app on our phones. So that, after it fails spectacularly and people realize it's brings nothing positive to the game, We'll never see these posts when Destiny 2 launches.

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Literally the only thing in game, is the game. If there was an ingame LFG i think that would make life alot easier for raiders and help the destiny raid matchmaking of the community get into it.

Raids might suck to organize now but I couldn't deal with mm raids, afk is just too frustrating. It is very easy to get into raids using the existing LFG tools. If it wasnt for groups i never would have done a raid.

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Not many use the App as is People destiny raid matchmaking learn the tricks, and eventually, even some of the harder raids will probably be doable with randoms, or at least ones who talk and stuff. There are no mythic pug groups. Keep submission related to Destiny 2. Nightfall Guided Games Beta: I would have to agree. Having the option of matchmaking will push people away from trying to find a group other ways, so it will hurt them in the long run. So allow people to set rules when starting a group.

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Use the search option before submitting. Lets be honest, no matchmade group will ever complete a raid.

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This is an archived post. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. That said, I don't think it's as easy as simply implementing the same matchmaking as is used in strikes. I would imagine the Clan's Fireteam Leader will have the power to boot the Solo player.

I honestly don't have any issues in tiger strikes Strikes already have matchmaking in the rest of the game - why not these?

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