Remote starter hookup How to Connect a Remote Starter Switch

Remote starter hookup

Equus Remote starter switch ""New".

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Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. In this case identify which is fused at a higher number of amps and attach your primary power wire to this one. I think this is an ignition question and have never gone wrong with your help.

Consult your vehicle manual or repair guides to determine which system your vehicle uses. No, you don't need to connect the remote starter to any remote starter hookup components after following the instructions here.

Use a soldering iron to connect all wires.

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Assess the entire installation, particularly all the connections, and make sure that no wires rub against sharp metal edges. After which, conduct a test on the remote starter.

Connect the remote starter wires to the vehicle wirings based on specific installation instructions that come with the unit. Find More Posts by pws If you have remote starter hookup your accessory wire, the voltage will now read around 12V Installation instructions vary according to different brands and models of remote starters.

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Could anyone tell me why this is happening? If your starter has two power wires, attach the second power wire on the starter to the additional 12V constant wire. Connect any security, anti-theft and other optional components.

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The otehr small terminal is an accessory power feed - so speed dating mandeville la this will not hurt the solenoid - it simply won't do anything.

By following a basic process you can place the in-line switch temporarily on your vehicle, saving you the need to get a helper for a diagnosing situation. Connect the ignition output wire on the remote starter to this wire.

I do not leave mine connected to the starter when I am done using it.

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Make sure the tachometer wire is also identified in the system, as the remote starter uses this wire to confirm that the engine has already started. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

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Thank you one and all! All text shared under a Creative Commons License. If you want to start and run the engine via this remote switch as Dave Neptune does, energizing off the ignition circuit works provided the circuit wire gauge is sufficient for the added solenoid load which - according to the diagram Mary followed in her rewire - it is not.

Wiring from the battery cable to the starter will always have this light on, even when ignition is off, potentially draining your batteries eventually. Lightly tug on the wires to make sure they do not become loose. Originally Posted by Administrator Remember not to leave the ignition switch in the ON position unnecessarily. Possible alternative locations include spaces above the radio or glove compartment, the center console and above the dashboard fuse box. I'll reinforce Bill's comment.

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For safety, you don't want to bypass the neutral safety switch.