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Reviews be2 dating site, be2 scam or be2 enticements?

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What about all the negative Be2 reviews? Ability to communicate woeful, ability to cancel, zero! Register now for free — get notified of new reviews, respond to consumer feedback, add new photos to your page and much more.

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B2 is a disgusting disgrace to the dating sites that are doing a good job online. Now, let me dive deeper into the things that I learned about this website that totally rub me the wrong way at first glance. All that tells me is that any site sending immediate messages are doing so in an automated fashion.

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You must write a letter to the manager in Luxemberg ,but do it register so you will know that she received and confirm. Blogs, review sites and online forums repeatedly report complaints about the company. Even if you do try to use the site which I have never been able to do, it is very dodgy.

We Found The Truth.

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What happens is they offer a free month but then review be2 dating site you immediately for a year. This is clearly only trying to make life difficult for the customer, as every other review be2 dating site site I know just require a few clicks of the mouse. However, complaints were received where premium account-cancellation was, in fact, impossible. Such liability does not affect any claim which We may also have against the Customer for damages. Please do not join.

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On researching be2 it seems most members are trying to get our of their memberships because they being solicited for membership fees they didn't agree to. The profiles are fake, they have the same pictures used for multiple profiles with different names and ages, they scam you into a premium subscription which you have to pay upfront but make it look like monthly installments and their customer service is disgraceful with rude copy and paste responses.

I am embarrassed I did.

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Wendidole asked on Sep 22, Even if you decide to avoid the site completely, I like to share the basics with you. Their contact information is on their site. There is absolutely no way that any real person would reach out to you to communicate without knowing more about you and the type of person you are, simple as that.

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In such Cases, the Customer will be informed of the relevant Contract Period, the possibility of termination and any automatic extension of the Contract Period that may apply. The site is a scam and they have a could not care attitude if one reads the comments on the app you will see the amount of complaints against the company. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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And we're happy to report in this situation that the profile pictures we dug through were NOT found on connect dating sites. They then automatically re bill you and at almost 10 x the amount of the initial months fee.

Conclusion: Might Be Okay But Not Great!

In particular, The pricing of Premium Memberships are regular causes for complaint. Be2 [1] Internationally, be2 is represented in 37 countries.

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I had no control in who I wanted to contact, and a lot of the profilers I got were not my types. They have fake photos with fake profiles.