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Duji doesn't think we can have an aisle at Holy Moses Matrimony. Trump seeks to sue schools over affirmative action seen to hurt whites. Charlie almost got into a fight while getting into an uber. What should we call you?

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Jeffrey is hanging out with a strange woman. Did Dumb rip off a graphic designer? Jay Pharoah, actor and rover show hook up, stops by the studio.

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Stripper Scott gets his name changed. Description Syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory blends biting commentary, ridiculous antics and discussions that would get most people fired.

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Overview Music Video Charts. Rover spent a lot of money on the bus driver. Dumb's daughter started a GoFundMe. Old people hooking up after significant other's die.

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VirtualDJ provides instant BPM beat matching, synchronized sampler, scratch, automatic seamless loops and remixing. Can you crap in your own yard?

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Rover cried at Bob Eatman's funeral. Jeffrey has an open wound on his foot analyzed by nurse. What career could you fake?

Did Jeffrey forget to sign a field trip permission slip? It's her phony "radio voice" and she gets VERY defensive about. Everybody was late because of a car accident. Woman calls in and says she was sexually assaulted by police officers.