Salsa speed dating NEW SINGLES EVENT: Four Minute Dating and Salsa Lessons with Dancing

Salsa speed dating

Normally we dress much more casually!

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So, For the next three days after the event, you will have the opportunity to email events thingstodoDC. Though we will respect the person's privacy and not email you back their email address or other contact information, we will pass your email along with your email address and other contact info.

SnowDancerJan 18, PLUS, we combine this event with a post Salsa dance class, in which you rotate with new dance partners during the lesson. Of course personal experiences can differ but I would definitely agree with the main points.

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Interesting analogy, though I'm not sure what planet this guy lives on. Horrible title for this article, and it includes a lot of nonsense, like that it's considered a feminine hobby.

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I think a lot of things in the scene can easily cut both ways. Dancing with someone, especially a stranger, doesn't usually involve much talking.

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There's even a salsa speed dating Facebook group. For the first hour, we line the men and women up and rotate everyone every four minutes so that each person gets the chance to meet about one dozen potential mates.

Event Information

Fri, June 9,7: I have no idea if the author went to my club too, but my own experience was that in my salsa speed dating ever class a few years ago now!

Enter the code as shown below: Salsa with your Salsa.

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I often get the salsa speed dating when people say they don't have any of that nonsense in their scene that they feel they are above it. Wed, Jan 10 7: As for the fitness benefit, maybe the author meant mostly classes which I would agree is not very intensive, especially for beginners.

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Wed, Feb 21 7: I think that may shed a little light on the contemporary salsa scene. Please upgrade your browser.

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