Seer light hookup SEER Light

Seer light hookup

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Designed for durability with a special focus on Patient comfort and compliance, the SEER Light recorder system is composed of two different parts: Onboard memory with solid-state technology for reliability and durability The controller plays an integral role in ensuring the quality and integrity of the patient data.

Handheld controller provides patient demographics entry and visual confirmation of correct lead placement.

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The patient demographic information entered on the controller keyboard can be transferred to the SEER Light recorder via an infrared connection. Integral pacemaker seer light hookup avoids the expense of a separate dedicated pacemaker recorder.

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This is an outstandingly small and light Holter Recorder with 2 or 3 channels of diagnostic quality full disclosure ECG and demographic patient data. Patient event button allows patients to quickly and easily indicate when an episode occurs Small, compact digital recorders weighing only 72 grams 2.

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Patient demographics, including patient identification, age, gender and name, are entered from the controller, expediting data entry and minimizing the possibility of data entry errors. It is designed for reliability, durability and patient comfort.

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No moving parts, no display and a solid-state technology for impressive reliability.