Shanghai dating show Shanghai dating show

Shanghai dating show

In Australia, one dating show puts city girls who are looking for a simpler life in the country on shanghai dating show dates with farmers and ranchers. Professor Gu Xiaoming, a sociologist from Shanghai Fudan University, says that relationship and marriage counseling is a necessary and creative part of matchmaking shows in China, but such shows should be produced with a lot more honesty. They are making good preparations to find Mr Right.

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She used to be very aggressive and ambitious on first dates, asking men about their economic and education background and talking about work. In-depth Interactive Services Society.

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Add Your Comment Things you should know: But psychologists point out that men might think she has no interest in them. During the airing of the series, there were heated discussions on Internet communities such as liba. Wen Jie, an account manager in her 30s, failed in or so blind dates. Such matchmaking genre is also popular overseas, with some more creative and entertaining elements.

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Based on audience voting, the best woman wins a date with a pop star. Global Lens on China. The comments will appear only after being approved by the webmaster.

They are required to do many kinds of farm work together. In her opinion, it is more sincere than other TV dating shows.

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They are taught to dress fashionably, appear elegant and feminine to male bachelors and to speak out courageously in front of a camera. Battle lines drawn for war on the rat Child medical center priorities Medical device fast-tracked for production. Your email has been sent! They offer guidance in dressing, manners and communication skills in relationships.

Zhang advised her not to make quick assumptions and said she needs timely and effective communication as well as a sense of humor.

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However, some people think it is merely after high viewership ratings and that to attain them it contains overly dramatic scripts and exaggerated conflicts and acting.

We reserve the right to use, repost, quote or delete the comments. In the camp, the women undergo training to improve their physique, figure and feminine charm. Compared with star-making talent shows, the matchmaking programs have lower production costs and appeal to large audiences.

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Little Wolf, commenting on liba. So it might be a while before the comments are posted. Do not post anything that is obscene, offensive, defamatory or racist. Email this to your friend Hey, I found this on Shanghai Daily and thought you might be interested in it.

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Preferably viewed with Internet Explorer 8 or newer browsers. Netizen Angelcandice said blind dates are like sales pitches that requires skills and packaging.

But many viewers and netizens are questioning whether people really can be trained for love, relationships and marriage.