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Slow matchmaking cs go, want to add to the discussion?

Could that be a better implementation? Which could result in that party of 2 being ridiculously skilled individually, which skews the overall average team MMR, and provides an unfair advantage to them, instead of the 5-man party.

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This is ONLY to be slow matchmaking cs go to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Added on to all of this is the fact that this is an FPS game.

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I am sure steam support would be of little help. It would be interesting to see Valve release a player distribution graph of the ranks.

Long Matchmaking queue times (5-30 minutes)

I just lost a gold knife fight in arms race and handed the guy the win because I went AFK on the first swing and I come back to 3rd place GG. Very impressed with the amount of time and effort you have put in here, might take me a few goes to read it all. For Solo you get paired with others who are playing on their own.

Stop hating blindly, and start being constructive! Do you have any tips? It is a shell of what it could be! I give up after 40 minutes. Player's should be held accountable for what they type, or speak. Asop View Profile View Posts. There are just so many positive reasons to crack down on negative behaviour, that this should be on the table for this year.

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GO, have over competitive matchmaking games played, achieved Eagle, compete in pugs, and events, contribute to the Workshop, and of course, watch all of the wonderful streams on Twitch! Catching cheaters seems like motivation enough for me. You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit. I firmly believe that the core strength of a game retaining its players is an active, repeatable form of game play.

I wish I had a fix for you brotha.

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I believe that setting the mindset of a community is more effective than trying to continually dating an old man advice against cheat engines. Legitimate players commit time into CS: It is no surprise why it is so toxic, and why new players quickly develop such poor behaviour.

The impact of cheaters is not just a simple issue with singular side-effects. And what luck do we have, Valve and CS: GO, or video games, should not be a place where it is ok to express racist, and illegal outbursts of emotional insecurities.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I doubt we will ever see those in any of those games. They should be prestigious, and offer value as being reflective of high skill levels. This name will be slow matchmaking cs go to credit you for things you share on Reddit.

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The first step for those who contribute in the Workshop, or post on reddit. Once there were more stats and public stuff but Valve blocked it. This should be a valuable point to consider for developing the game, in regards to efficiency.

As well, these can all be called 'party game modes', as they are much easier to play with friends, than SnD. Hopefully at least, the ranges can be identified, and a much better allotment of average MMR can be figured out.

Sorry this is off topic its just crazy to see a name I recognize! Those that do abuse it should stick out to the system and be banned quickly.

Players who receive a high volume of reports from unique players are que'd with others who also receive a high volume of reports. I am very rarely last, and have pulled out aces, near aces, and pretty some decent play some god awful plays as well, obviously.