Sm no dating contract SM Entertainment To Make Changes To Trainee Contracts After FTC Investigation

Sm no dating contract, sm no dating contract

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Also SHINee were pretty cool choreo wise and stuff. A little over 2 years, I started training April 27th, They're not seen as teenagers or young adults, so sm no dating rule have less restrictions than a young idol has.

Sorry for my opinion but Kris and Luhan are weak people in my eyes, and I feel sorry for Tao. That will be early June, around then I'll start doing dance covers. For most idols, this rule only applies to younger idols. But If you know a What are the rules in SM for a trainee?

They check your body fat percentage every month and teach you manners and attitude. I've never really watched documentaries but from what I've seen, there is nearly not enough emphasize on how hard they all work and how tightly packed schedules they have and how late they stay up and how early they wake up for recordings of shows and performances. Also, for the record, I am completely opposed to the "no dating" rule for idols.

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He spent years trying to be perfect and when the reins were finally loosened, he broke and went crazy. First of all, thanks for taking time to answer everyone's questions!

There is some shady stuff at smaller companies but bigger companies can't do that.

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And there are some who disappear from the public eye completely. During the height of his career, he was a good boy. SM sm no dating contract a statement that they are all for it if an idol dates within the company because it's easier to manage when it comes to the press and their schedules.

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There are many promising people, I thought I was promising too, but everyone is outclassing everyone, for example, I'm not very good at singing, I'm mainly a dancer so I didn't have a chance to debut soon. Home schooling most likely, can't imagine anything else. Also most of the pictures taken are oddly angled and when they are "kissing" both supposed couples are never caught actually lip locking they are caught in the act of kissing but their heads are never really placed correctly lmao What are my chances if blah blah blah….?

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Witnessing Yeri's addition to Red Velvet, do you know why she wasn't included in the first place, or if they truly were meant to be a 6 or 12 member group? If you aren't fully committed, don't take up spots that could have gone to these trainees who really would have worked hard until the end. If yes, how much?

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I don't have any debt, you get debt if you break off your contract early or you debut, but your comebacks and CD's pay for that. Is that debt kind of like a debt that only kicks in if you debut? What is Kent sm no dating contract He was also repeatedly apologizing to them. This is dule we do to our celebrities in general. Submit a new text post. It's been three years since BtoB debuted, so it's probably about time. They cannot keep an idol tied to this contract for years because as an idol ages and matures, they may no longer want the idol lifestyle.

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I was a trainee while Yeri from Red Velvet was a trainee too, the talk around was that she was really stressed out before debuting with RV. We expect them to be perfect and when they mess up, we berate them for it.

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As a high schooler in another East Asian country, I had at least hours of homework and revision per night and was exhausted after that, not including tutorial classes.

Minami broke as well. We all heard about it. Thanks for the response and good luck in your future endeavors! No, they did not.