Smite unbalanced matchmaking Matchmaking total unbalanced

Smite unbalanced matchmaking

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The playerbase of the game isnt big enough for matchmaking to apply these fair rules. But quality is just as important.

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They're already tracking those stats why not use them? Facebook Twitter YouTube Twitch. Last edited by Kadurkel; at The time now is Champion MMR is completely irrelevant, so if you have a diamond portrait and someone else has gold, that means absolutely nothing.

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So to get silver 1 you have to beat diamonds and plats with a troll team? This is the place to report bugs in League of Legends!

Hi-Rez, if EVERYONE is complaining about matchmaking, why not make it more strict?

Additional XP requirements within margin of average XP for all players in the match Additional ranked games within margin of average of ranked games played for all players in the match Maximum MMR difference of between the lowest and highest MMR for all players in the match Try to have a maximum MMR difference of the first 10 minutes. Im pretty sure even if there are plenty of dating libero players out there like me, they get matched with scrubs before i start queing, so essentially matchmaking wont really help with this issue, what matchmaking should do is simple: And only me and tahm kench that is plat-plat are playing good.

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In short, we got destroyed by them and me and my friend were really frustrated. Thats all i can say smite unbalanced matchmaking X3. Matches are filled with premade teams or top players versus brand new ones, which should never be happening.

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Honestly i think smite just donest have enough players with skill. MM was always broken as hell.

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As an animator, having watched all the younger smites unbalanced matchmaking put out crappy videos per week, I get that quantity is enticing. Matchmaking in general is broken in all games, it's super hard to make it work right and if there is such a game please tell me and I'll leave smite faster than ymir running from thana ult.

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Youtube Soundcloud Deviantart Picarto. But after games i get matched with scrubs repeatedly for 20 games or so, so i leave for a week and return because the game was such a chore of boredom.

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All times are GMT My rating isn't based on how good I am, it's based on how good the match making happened to be. What are they suppose to do? Use the report button for any post you think deserves the attention of our moderators.

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And let people see that there is 5 in que for the match, instead of making us feel omg 10 mins passed and still nothing. Is Udyr displaying as a Picasso painting again? I don't know, what am i supposed to do? Originally Posted by ThatOthell Click here to check out some tips for keeping your account safe!