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Starcraft 2 matchmaking colors

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Pink zerg is awesome. Too many similar colors. Use RES to customize even more.

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Sc2 all the colors look fine, really. Practice league was completely optional. The function of points is to determine a player's rank within their division. World Electronic Sports Games Why would that ever be better? This is definately not a 2 matchmaking colors for Blizzard.

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Note that this chart reflects the Wings of Liberty ladder, and no such chart has been published for Heart of the Swarm, where the league populations, bonus pool accrual rate, and season length are different. The most common causes of this issue are: On May 18 I am looking forward to seeing Stephano's good ol' light pink Zerg the next time he streams.

No it's only blue and red. You could also just do it first come first serve at the loading screen but I would assume that it would be hard to make a new loading screen etc. What if you play a 2v2 and 4 people want to be orange?

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Use the "Filters" menu across the top to tailor the content here. Oh wait, you now can play UED also!

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It would make the game more enjoyable atleast for me. I love purple zergs! Teal is hard to see on ice maps, but they blend in with mineral patches on the mini map.

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What I mean is that every player can choose the color he sees himself for his and the enemy team. Don't have an account?

You need to be able to rank all the colors from most preferred to least, in your profile.