Su 85i matchmaking Sentinel - Prefferential Matchmaking

Su 85i matchmaking

There are certaint good hiding spots on each map that favors machines like this and you can sit and pump out damage quite safely 'till the enemy moves in. I think that the sentinel should have prefferential matchmaking. Just be realistic, stop getting our hopes up with the "potential" speed limit.

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I'd say yes it's worth it. And if things get too hot, this tank has the legs to crawl back into the team. It's bad because it needs pref MM KV4 aka the fortress. Destroy enemy tanks before they have their attention upon you.

SU-85I czy warto kupić?

IronEagle, on 17 April - There aren't much to say on this tank since it was never released in the SEA server. SU85I- should I rage sell? As you can see, most of the stats turn into green although they're already green at first. The SUI lack of armor, low shell penetration and hit points damage makes close combat risky especially encounters with higher tier tanks.

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The income is not very good even with premium. Randomly is the tier for battle selected. While these are only suggestions, you can have other way to equip your tank with.

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Search Advanced Search section: I speculate that this has to do with its status as a captured tank put into service by the Russians. Low Tier premiums of the past have had a fair balance like the Churchill III or the Matilda V, with their armor and weapon and they have Preferential MM, with the su matchmaking low tier additions WG has shown what can be described as "a lack of caring" with their implementation of these new tanks.

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View Source View history. This time, we'd like to read about your thoughts on the " SUI "!

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To me, darkness is as visible as the light. However, the premium td won't face this bad situation, so it's a good time you guys should consider buying some of them to get use of this advantage.

ShockWave82 15 Posted Apr 01 - As a crew trainer it's ok and if you like to play support DT style games it is ok. The only issue with MM was and still is uneven tank layout and not tier 6 light versus tier 9s which is how you get better. CptCheez 25 Posted 04 June - Than first dating questions to ask do you reccomend?

Winterpeger 11 Posted Mar 29 - If you are in a tier 4 match, it is okay, but it is pretty useless against tier 5 and above.

Here are the stats after the improvement. In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl. Pretty much just a premium tank.

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Do you have the su matchmaking to add excel rules so the text "light" appears in the blue boxes same for the others? Signature by Public Safety. The penetration of the gun with AP ammo is good enough to pen almost all tanks in tier 5 and 6, with exception of some heavys and TDs.

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Every game arty focused fine, I can deal with thatbut with the increased blast radius, I was constantly perma-tracked Suggested consumables to supplement the equipment: