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It wasn't a successful dating stories, because I was seeing so many random people at that point. Six months after moving to New York, I started online dating.

I could cry just thnking about it!!! Share On vk Share On vk Share.

A casual online date really can turn into a marriage.

After four months, they got engaged. Take my opinion for what it's worth as a traditionally married stick in the mud, but I have a soft spot in my heart for online dating. No more successful datings stories after that.

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Julie Herniak shares her online dating success story that sounds more like a delightful rom-com than real life. I will say that it was pretty romantic to meet someone without knowing what they looked like, being able to develop a friendship, then finally after a few months be able to be with that person physically. Had a number of IMs thats' we hip kids called them at the timeand then met for drinks.

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Cora and Will met on Craigslist, but not on the dating section — they found love on the "free stuff" section. Love at first click Image: The third person was their other roommate, who had gotten back from class and thought, "Oh, that looks like fun! I signed up for online dating with a friend, almost like signing up for a marathon together.

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Even online dating commercials would look at us and say "that isn't believable enough". Would You Create a Fake Girlfriend?

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We texted for a few weeks until I decided I wanted to meet. I was a poor college student who went on Tinder dates mainly for the free food. Come on over if you like! Our wedding a few years later. It was the beginning of summer in New York, and every weekend was busy. So when I got in the car, he had the Les Mis soundtrack playing, and I just remember thinking, OK, that's such a funny move.

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He came online, and he was super cute with a heavy French accent and started to speak English. Somewhere on his profile, he'd said this his favorite book was The Great Gatsby. Share On twitter Share On twitter Share.

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And when I finally met Eddy for our first date, I had been going on so many of these, and was so busy, I didn't even know his name.

Turns out he lived on my street about a block away. This brutally honest profile had a happily ever after: It is so nice to hear your success story. And Norma has sage advice for others looking for love online:

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