Super pershing matchmaking How is the Matchmaking for the Super Pershing T26E4?

Super pershing matchmaking

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WhiskeyCyclone, on 03 June - That way you avoid failplatoons. I wanted for fun. I have fought TOGs on Copperfield.

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Sign In Email address: Even if I took a OP tank I will most likely suck. Some website functions are unavailable because JavaScript is disabled in your browser. It's the same as the IS-6, but with a camo skin.

Goo Poni 10 Posted 09 March - SP has special mm, tier 9 max. Another downside is the very weak sides and rear of the T26E4 which, when combined with sluggish mobility, make it very vulnerable when flanked. Do not show this dialog super pershing matchmaking. CptCheez 25 Posted 04 June - Back to Medium Tanks.

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Sorry for my bad english,it's not my first language Edited by Re3D, 19 February - Furthermore, as with most American vehicles, the T26E4 has great gun depression which allows it to hull down and use cover comfortably. Matthew J35U5 2 Posted 09 March - When it comes to buying a premium, what do you want it for? Goo Poni 8 Posted 09 March - The durability of the armor also affords the T26E4 the luxury of being able to expose itself out in the open for greater periods of time, giving you the opportunity to fully aim and ensure accuracy.

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However these weakpoints are covered up nicely when hull-down on a reverse slope. Also this tank is HUGE,which is a big negative of the tank. They welded additional 80 mm armor plate in front of the mantlet to increase its resilience.

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Prescient1, on 08 March - Seguita 5 Posted Mar 17 - Search Advanced Search section: A T26E4 must be very aware of its surroundings and keep its weak spots and sides protected to fully utilize the potential of horrible histories cleopatra dating armor. Wraith Calling 16 Posted 09 March - To increase firepower, a new long-barrelled mm gun was super pershing matchmaking on the T26E1 in January We're advancing in another direction!

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Hill climbing still remains abysmal. The SP sees no Tier 10 matches at all unless platooned. In my experience, the SU 85i has the opposite of preferential mm, I always seem to be on the bottom tier when I play it. But from what I have seen the SP still makes good money which every prem tank does,if you shoot gold ammo make sure it counts,because it's very expensive,if you miss you lose k.

Accuracy on move and dispersion during turret rotation was significantly improved resulting improved fire control, even if on paper it remains the same.

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If the first of those, seriously don't bother as I did that and it's frustrating when you can't contribute to the match. The gun can be annoying but overall its a med but a bit of heavy thrown in too, i like it though. KV4 aka the fortress.

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