Swtor pvp matchmaking Gabe Amatangelo on SWTOR’s PVP matchmaking system

Swtor pvp matchmaking

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This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. This is a matchmaking question, we agree that this is certainly less than optimal.

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As many of you likely know, in the past we had an entry level set of PvP gear called the Recruit set. In its current state there are zero conditions for a match other than numbers.

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It's sad that we have to matchmaking to petitions for very simple issues that should have been dealt with before the game came out. I'd rather wait in que for longer than get a lopsided arena whether it is uneven numbers or full trinity vs all dps composition etc.

Then matchmaking would have to drop them into the WZ together, on the same team. We had to make a decision to err on the side of having more matches pop than simply trying to mirror the teams exactly. Huge rating gaps between players in any given Arena match…. If two healers are on one side and none on the other, why can't there be matchmaking that distributes them evenly?

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If there are no healers, the matchmaking doesn't kick in.

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However, having Recruit gear in the game created two important factors:. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than here.

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Remember the batch of authorisations that became useless like, event gear, Fleet Transport no longer being subscriber only and a couple others? Just throw group on one side and be done with it and if there's another team in same match throw it on the other side. Nobody expects perfection, but they could at least try. We will continue to monitor these builds and adjust as necessary.

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