Sydney hook up bars The best pick up bars in Sydney

Sydney hook up bars

One big community beer garden where left-leaning politics dominate and big groups come to spend the afternoon over jugs of beer and burgers. Grab a seat at the bar and have a chat to bartender Mikey Nicolian as he prepares you a first class cocktail and a cheese board. Thursdays is twenty-somethings in their glad rags; Fridays is city worker set.

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Of course there's an argument to be made that any bar with alcohol has the potential to be a pick-up bar, but that's not very helpful, so we asked every single person we knew, and a few we didn't, for their favourite fishing spots in Sydney and this is what they told us. It's very much a locals watering hole so if you do get lucky, you'll be staying in the Northern Beaches and getting a ferry of shame the next day.

If your idea of romance is more Rock of Ages than Sleepless in Seattle then Frankie's is where you'll find the ripped band shirt-sporting indie muso of your dreams. ABC staff, uni students, creatives, corporate staff and party people all come together here. Who are you going to meet?

Beresford Sunday sessions are a time honoured tradition for the beautiful boys of Darlinghurst.

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In these days of app-based dating the idea of meeting someone in the real world can sound fanciful, but we swear, it happens. A nice chap who knows his IPAs and probably dabbles in some home brewing.

If you are a beer-loving lady who also fancies a gentleman's company, a weekend session at a craft brewery like Batch, Grifter or Willie the Boatman is a great idea. The best first date bars in Sydney Got a hot top 10 free hookup sites How about some of Sydney's best Korean foodor something a bit fancier form the list of Sydney's 50 best restaurants.

Freda's What's the vibe? This is the true melting pot. On Wednesdays expect indie party kids, on weekends it's backpackers who are foot loose and fancy free. Depends on the night. Frankie's Pizza by the Slice What's the vibe?

It's far enough from the shoreline to ensure everyone is wearing pants, but still full of nice accents and bright young things.

Here are the 50 best bars in Sydney.

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Continental Deli Bar Bistro What's the vibe? A very decent segment of Sydney's gay community who all probably have nicer apartments than you in Darlo and Surry Hills.

Need to take your boo out? Sit close, grab a drink and get to know each other at these ace Sydney bars for a first date. There's not a lot of time to chat when you're belting out 'Bound for Botany Bay' at the top of your lungs on a Monday night at the Dock, but a shared activity is a great icebreaker.

Ivy What's the vibe?

Courthouse Hotel What's the vibe? Bartenders and serious fans of cured fish and small goods what we're saying is people with good taste drink here.

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A lot of Sydney's comedy and storytelling community, and their fans, make this a regular spot. The Beresford Hotel What's the vibe? If during the week you see a lot of people in comfy beach wear around Manly, it all gets cast aside in favour of high-street fashion in coastal colours and nice shoes at the Wharf on weekends. Tuesday February 9