The art of war dating The Art of War... on Women

The art of war dating

When the insides melt the shell becomes useless. Mystery is the best reason. Have an exit plan just in case.

Know everything about them but be unknowable to them. Getting them to chase you by taking something they want is called feeding off them for baits--this is the peak of efficiency. Befriend their friends, go to where they cannot help but be. Be always ready to strike at a moment's notice from behind a mask of icy composure and flexible, impossible to pin down, subtlety. When it is not time to strike, do not force it.

Don't push too hard--pushing hard for love is their job. Lie shamelessly one moment, the next moment be completely, selectively, honest. Go to where the fish bite hard. You have Sun Tzu, by way of Eric Rogell, rolling as your wingman.

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I've read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" dozens of times and it's only recently that I feel it's become ingrained in my mind. Create vulnerability in them, stay flexible and ready, strike hard at the exact right moment.

He's a much decorated veteran of the dating war and hasbeen captured by the enemy--twice. Make sure she spends more time thinking of you than you spend thinking of her. Take away their energy and their desire to resist and play dating for 8 weeks by exhausting them with baits and game-playing of your own. Mix it up anyway to be more unpredictable. One moment pretend to want them, the next pretend to not want them.

Listen to those who are successful, ignore the others. Use Contrast and Teasing to enhance sensation.

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Keep your health and don't do anything stupid. Give her reasons to think of you.

Always know more about her than she does about you. Your health is the most important thing.

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Get them to chase you by taking something they want, by putting them in danger of losing something, by showing excellence, by giving them competition. This is called the art of war dating unpredictable to increase intensity and this is called making them wait to create anticipation, too.

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Get them on your side. Just as they turn to Sun Tzu's honored text for military guidance, they can sharpen their dating skills by adapting the good general's advice. Bait them in, lure them. Feed off your conquests for food, money, and most importantly, for access to more women.

For centuries, man has studied the ancient art of war before heading into battle--obsessively planning, strategically theorizing, and meticulously executing. Turn their games around, be suave. When they have no energy to resist, when you put them in a place of comfort and they are grateful, your move will succeed like a spear sliding into butter cannot fail. Just as they turn to Sun Tzu's honored text for military guidance, they can sharpen their dating