Touring caravan water hook up Connecting your drainage on serviced pitches…

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There are two diameters of pipe available and one slides neatly inside another. This will help you to arrange the waste into a neat "fall" away from the outlet to the drain.

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It still only comes with 7. June 11, at You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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Again we used the original bits we bought and it all worked fine. Hi Gavin Personally we use the aquaroll with the mains adaptor. With the facilities in caravans including showers that can actually be used as showers rather than just to hang wet clothes the only downside was the water supply and disposal.

Thanks for this, when I contacted Screwfix most of these items eg pushfit pipe 32mm x 3m are sold in tens and not individually. I will just have to wait until I get back from Spain in February to get the parts sorted. January 31, at We have been using one for 4 years now and it is spot on. We have a twin axle Ace that is quite long and the water points tend to be at the rear of the pitch.

Using a Y connector to join touring caravan water hook up Sink and Shower drains together next to the van provides the sink gray water with an alternative place to go — Back up the shower drain leg and into the shower tray — Not the best place for washing up water.

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Just one small question or is it me being a bit dim? October 30, at June 6, at So the fixed runs will not do. October 22, at A few elbows and angles should allow me to easily adapt for most conditions.

One side for the van connection, one for the jug or kettle or hosepipe to,wash the van or car.

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When we get back it will be the first job. However on many continental sites it may be ft away central between 4 pitches.

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October 25, at The sinks are 4 ft above the connector whilst the shower drain is only 1 foot. This works fine when the drain is close. Finally got them all to drain away but drew up plans to do something similar to your idea. Would you know the answer?

Will send pictures of first outing soon….

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Took 8 days and set up that would make Wallace and Bob the bodgitt happy. All the fittings are kept in a bag in the gas locker along with the two 2 metre and two 1 metre lengths of pipe. It also reduces the chance of the pipes becoming detached.

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As a rule of thumb always turn off the pump at night or when the caravan is left unattended. My first super pitch booked for Easter