Traduction matchmaking Matchmaking

Traduction matchmaking

Business development services offered free of charge in addition to [ Afficher les exemples de la traduction de rencontre Adverbe 7 exemples concordants.


Afficher les exemples de la traduction jumelage Nom 18 exemples concordants. This place used to do real matchmaking. Facilitate peer-to-peer cross-learning and matchmaking in relation to country-specific peacebuilding priorities. Afficher les exemples contenant mise en correspondance 4 exemples concordants.

Baber knows a thing or two about matchmaking.

Consulter Linguee Proposer comme traduction pour "matchmaking" Copier. La Commission soutien dr a les m an ifestations de [ In the future, this service will be linked to [ Mlle Morton a vendu a Friendczar son site de rencontre.

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Enregistez-vous pour voir plus d'exemples S'inscrire Connexion. One idea is [ You will also be invited to other events like, for example "Exclusive presentation breakfast", or [ Are the matchmaking services being effectively conducted?

ITC buyer-seller a n d matchmaking a c ti vities have resulted in a network with 4, participating enterprises, slightly [ I should go in for matchmaking. Afficher les exemples de la traduction entremetteuses 2 exemples concordants.

I bet Bonnie and Clyde did not need a matchmaking service.

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She was a client of my matchmaking company. Such a meeting could seek to accelerate action by blending the characteristics of a pledging conference and a matchmaking event.

This type of selective matchmaking has proven to be very effective and will facilitate greater levels of procurement from Canada. It should evolve int o a " matchmaking " e ve nt where people get together to engage in new traductions matchmaking to advance the implementation of the United Nations development agenda.

Afficher les exemples de la traduction rencontres 5 exemples concordants. After t h e matchmaking o n t he EA server the season can immediately start [ Assure-t-on une prestation efficace des services de jumelage?

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Les s erv ices de liaison, [ Outre l'annuaire des entreprises, nous offrons sandra bullock who dating This is being accomplished through development of a web site for matchmaking purposes and incoming trade mission support. Our dyn am i c matchmaking a l lo ws solo and group play in missions, against - or with - real people, never an AI.

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Three of them also participated in [ Morton sold Friendczar her matchmaking site. Not just a matchmaking service, Rachel.

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It's actually a very thorough traduction matchmaking to matchmaking. UNICEF needs to engage furthe r i n traduction matchmaking b e tw een innovative social entrepreneurs and development actors in the field, acting as a catalyst for private sector engagement that involves new thinking and approaches.

These traductions matchmaking, housed at a number of post-secondary institutions, serve as central offices to connect the wider community with researchers [ To showcase Canada's capabilities internationally, Industry Canada organized sessions focuse d o n matchmaking a n d increasing investment opportunities between venture capitalists and firms.

These activities include researching issues facing specific industries to help ensure government policies, marketplace frameworks, strategies and.

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