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Julia's path to veganism began when she saw a short but brutal video of the live export trade. I love ideas and people with a passion for life. I'll be updating this section soon. I'm a passionate vegan and Christian, seeking same.

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I'll be travelling through Australia but for now I'm in Sydney. Based on over 6 years of research, the system helps single people identify and find the right girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband for them.

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I have been fortunate to live and travel within Australia, Americas, Asia and Europe. Hi, You can always ask ame about myself, for sure I will tell you eberything what you want to know.

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Sharni is a 27 year old, spiritual female. I'm a musician who has retrained as a hypnotherapist. Me and my partner have been together 6 and a half years now and we both made the switch from meat eaters to vegan at the same time about 5 months ago. A vegan dating site? I enjoy arts in all forms. Love is the most valuable ultimate treasure. I have dated Vegans, Vegetarians and death eaters. Living in PerthAustralia Almost veg diet.

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Please, only show recent photos. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that there is a higher power. For a vegan dating site australia experience, we recommend that you enable JavaScript in your browser via 'preferences' or 'options' in your browser's menu. Living in sydneyAustralia Raw food diet.

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Why do you say its hard out of curiosity? Love the beat writers, anything non fiction and classics. Love cooking and sharing a variety of meals and everything is made from whole ingredients. I like dancing, keeping fit. Living in BrisbaneAustralia Vegetarian vegan dating site australia. I have been vegan since I was 19 however I was briefly vegetarian when I was 8 years old my choice. I am the type who you'll need to know most angles of in order to deeply appreciate, so patience is truly a virtue with me.

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I believe we r all the branches of the same tree. Never change your dietary preferences just because you want someone to like you though, that will only send you head first into a pile of cheeseburgers when the relationship goes south, as it surely will! Living a self sufficient off-grid life is what I am striving for, I plan on building my own house using adobe or other suitable material, using solar and wind for energy and of course, growing as many vegetables and fruits as possible.

And in the very least, we have been brave enough to reach out to others, as we are all human, and we all love to be appreciated and to have others to care about. I'd like to build a dome home somewhere.

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