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When he would get a text on her nights off and we asked him who was texting him, he didn't answer our question. The selection of suppliers must be made on the basis of objective criteria. Who cares if it's for just 30 minutes! I can't even see a reason why you would want to get involved.

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Hooking up at Wal-Mart. I am in a management position in retail just like them and I made it my business to know what's going on in my store and if my employees are married or in relationship and I notice associate dating policy brewing up I will pull them both in and be real with them not as manager but as friend and human being. Room for Debate asks whether shorefront homeowners should have to open their land to all comers.

Grow up and deal with the jerk. An ethics concern is one that involves alleged behaviors or business practices that are inconsistent with one or more of the sections of the Statement of Ethics such as theft, inappropriate conduct, or insider trading.

I have seen managers transfered to prevent violating this police, and fried for violating it.

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At issue in the case is a section in the company handbook entitled "fraternization. Today I logged in my FB and I see a post of hers. Well, you can date within the store.

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To ensure that you treat all of your suppliers fairly and make objective business decisions, you should not accept free tickets or purchase tickets from your suppliers. Married Binner sort of flirts with other women staff too which is making some feel a bit uncomfortable. But you would think that some common sense precautions should be written into company policy books to avoid associate dating policy conflicts. She dresses herself up to look good, fixes her hair with a bit of makeup when she never did this beforeshe perfumes herself up really good so he can smell it and there has been other indicators to suggest asian dating online free possibly may already be involved together.

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Stories of these two people, in different details, are getting around the store now and not just among the night crew anymore either. I hope your idiot life works out for you. THe age difference also isn't a problem. One of our suppliers would like to make a donation on behalf of Walmart to a local charity. Policies to help alleviate problems, yes… illegal and fire people…no.

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Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. I told her I did not fraternize with female employees outside of work.

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Apparently neither does he. This is beyond wrong.

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How is he helping his marriage any by seeing this other woman every lunch hour to begin with? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Begging you to be careful with your spouse at WalMart or even with you and what could happen if you work there.

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I have since learned that she has stepped down and is back to hourly and they are still seeing each other.