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I have done movie nights, gone bowling, gone to dances, or even gone to Zeppos which is a fun place to hang out at and you dont have to drink. Last weekend was amazing.

I met my closest friends through one of my friends that was really good at networking and randomly at parties or places where I frequented such as the pita pit. If you don't drink well, I suppose play board games, got to the rec, watch a movie.

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Skip to content Uncategorized TransLine is a national online transgender medical consultation service that offers health. Football and basketball are life here.

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Sign up or log in to manage your notifications. I love the programs such as theatre, guest speakers, concerts and multi-cultural opportunities the college has as well. Athletic events are so big at WSU.

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People don't just ask people on dates, they meet at parties or other social events and "hang out. Keep in mind that the majority of the bars are on greek row, so chances are, that's where everyone is on the weekends. All Questions for Washington State University.

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Spring fest, Mom's and Dad's weekend, etc. I'm involved in CHAT--health awareness club.

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If you do not like to party there are many different options held, there are movies on campus for free! Greeks are big on campus and I myself am a Greek and love it.

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I havn't gone to many this year because I usually have other things goinng on, but most of the people I talk to go to them. You're now part of the most extensive college network on the planet, with incredible resources to help you at every step of your journey.

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Students are always pulling all nighters and enjoying the night life. Well usually im asleep but if not then I am probably up doing homework. Fraternities and sororities are really important to the people in them, but for those that aren't, it doesn't matter Last weekend was spring break, so I was at home with family and friends.