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Ho-jung looked on sympathetically. The couple sat next to each other on the stairs, and asked about Seon-woo. He also proposed to her by writing a song for her on her birthday — and this was all before she even agreed to be his girlfriend! Meanwhile, Ho-jae was inspired to become a model upon meeting Cha-hee, who had already a well-established modelling career. Fortunately, they decided to put the past behind them and are friends again!

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Kwon Oh Joong Supporting Cast. The couple gently nudge their heads together and smile happily. Retrieved August 13, Im Soo Hyang Main Cast. In his recent fan meeting in Seoul, his best friend Lee Kwang Soo says that this is his best quality.

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That night, he brought her to a karaoke, and sang a song. Ho-jung herself has already became an established photographer, and had graduated from university.

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I am an expert in this field! Soo-ji and Ho-jae bumped into each other when they did the traditional Korean bow, which created a comical atmosphere. He works as the marketing team leader for a fashion uk muslim dating marriage. Cast - Five Children.

Finally, Ho-jae and Soo-ji got married in a mini-celebration with the approval of their parents. But Mi Jung has been telling her kids that their father is just working in the United States over the past three years.

Chae Rim So Ji-sub.

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At this time, Ho-jae proposed to Soo-ji, but they met with stiff opposition from their parents. Kyo-in puts the ring on her palm and tells her that she doesn't have to wear but to please keep it for him.

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A few we ares dating now asianwiki later, Ho-jae bought a car, which made Soo-ji extremely happy. Then he says that he'll give it to the woman that he'll love in the future. This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat