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So far so good. Little story here, bear with me. You could try flirting we were dating now she wants to be friends her at the end of the night by kissing her hand, and move it up a notch the next week or month, it might be best to go slow by requesting a kiss on the cheek. It won't go away. You are so busy dating and flirting with other women that you can't possibly be "just friends" with her. I just joined Mefi to post a slightly more optimistic answer to your query: Maybe her sister went all Iago on you and changed her mind.

If you want that to change, and if you want her to desperately want to be your girlfriend, you are going to have to make her see you as a sexually attractive man, rather than a sweet old friend.

I'm asking for "best practices" instead of just "tips" since I'm also interested in how to approach this situation in a tactful, nice, and friendship-preserving way; it's not just a goal-oriented question.

3. Get Rid of Your Insecurities

I don't have one-itis; I'm not going to wait around for that—hell, I'm flirting with other girls left and right, now that I'm sure that I'm actually single. Maybe she was seeing someone else casually at the same time and decided to get serious with them.

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She will NOT be compared to your sister. It hurts, but I know she respected what I did although she lost her emotional support from me. Take the hint and move on. Right now her opinion is winning because you gave into it and agreed that your friendship is awesome and she's awesome and just being her friend is super! And you don't have to spawn-then-die, either, as long as you take appropriate precautions. You owe it to yourself. I would decline the first invitation probably, but invite her to go to my area rather than me going to hers and if not, then we would see each other another time.

That's your sense of self-preservation talking. I have a shot! Why suffer like that? Be cocky and funny. She doesn't want to hurt you. It has nothing to do with your relationship to this woman, and it's the nature of that relationship itself that you really need to be thinking about. That is a good thing, but its not enough for most women to remain happy in a long term relationship.

Why She Says Let’s Just Be Friends

This crucial scenario is not even really gender-specific and many women go through this same struggle for attention, too. One fine day she said she does not love me and want to be single.

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Such a ballsy post! His issues were he had became very jealous of how many guy friends I had. And if you don't have time to do all these lame "just friends" things with her then guaranteed she will think "Wow!

In fact, we have a fancy dinner-date soon She seemed a little shocked and ended the phone call.

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I know it is hard to do. It's pretty easy to say "move on to the next girl", and that is always an option. There are a lot of established ire on this site for the username convention of replying to people - you may want to forgo it here just for the sake of not-rocking-the-boat, since there are simple, equally-effective ways of doing the same thing.

Obviously I'm new around these parts, so I'll do my best to catch on: Not as of yet, but I'll watch out for that, I promise. Don't be a jerk.

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