What its like dating me attention Why I Would Rather Date Someone Who Gives Me Space Than Attention

What its like dating me attention

In my opinion, one conversation even if it gets pretty deep or one date even if it gets intimate is no where near enough time to decide if two people are a good match for each other.

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How do you even know you like me? I mean, you barely know me.

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By Anonymous Oct 6 First of all, people who are extremely forward at the start of a relationship overwhelm me. I like to start every relationship, romantic or otherwise, by disclosing and getting closer in small doses. The boyfriends and SOs who get praised the most are the ones who send sweet text messages every morning and treat their girlfriends like princesses.

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However, these kinds of every-waking-moment relationships are a major turn-off for someone like me, who really values independence. I need time to think for myself and decide whether or not this person is right for me.

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Sometimes, it just takes me a while to let my guard down, and I want my partners to understand and respect that. Let me explain why. I like people who allow me the prerogative of self-disclosing at a slow rate.

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