What to say the day after a hookup OMG! What Should I Text Him? A Guide for [Almost] Every Scenario

What to say the day after a hookup

But the more career woman she is, the more modern she is, the more educated, sophisticated she is, the more you can talk to her like a realist. Uh, now what do I do?

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Okay, so some may ask you to rate their performance or even go into a blow-by-blow detail of what they liked most about the stuff that you just did. I'm asking her to hang out so I could see her and potentially get laid again, but I don't want her to get the wrong idea that im courting her to make her my gf or anything like that, and I dont want to lead her on to that belief if she wants it that way.

However, there's always the possibility that you did not enjoy the meeting. And do you want a relationship or just sex? Depending on the background of you and this guy friend, this kiss could mean everything or nothing at all.

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If you conclude that the kiss was you two simply getting caught up in a moment and only want to remain friends, that's a different story.

Like some supper, Singaporeans call it, or an early breakfast together and then send her off, send her home, make sure she gets home. She wants to see you again and, you know, this is a good thing.

However, we must take responsibility for them.

Hooking up with someone, what the Do's and Dont's after?

The huge problem with texting, what to say the day after a hookup, is who really knows the dos and don'ts of the texting game? You want to thank him for introducing you to the people who have helped mold who he is as a person and who he also cares for deeply. So venturing in a few bars, I found success in hooking up which was cool. Tinder dates are like the new mass speed dating thing. You approach dating like the traditional male way of being the hunter and in the way of being the pursuer and being the chaser — of getting, of looking to get things from the man.

People have to respect that. Practice total detachment because some hookups tend to teeter on the dangerous edge of what we call feelings.

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Just so you know. After you kiss a good guy friend. So it solidifies the connection — having breakfast the next morning together will help solidify that. How drunk are they the night you hook up?

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Ideally you would have said that before you made her vulnerable.