Whats the normal age to start dating What Age Is Appropriate for Dating?

Whats the normal age to start dating, popular in the community

Teen girls are notorious for crushes, but knowing when to let your daughter officially enter the dating scene can be confusing.

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Make sure they're not alone and that sort. I disagree Submitted by Catie on October 24, - I think that as long as the kids know what is appropriate and accepted by us, the parents, there is nothing wrong in letting them explore their feelings.

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Okay, why is everyone attacking Valarie? Is it or I have two daughters 17 and I think it depends on your daughters maturity level, her ability to stand up for herself in tough situations, and what type of dating scenario she is interested in.

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And I think it was an okay decision on my parents part. I have raised my girls as a single mom so I have all the odds against me. The power and peril of teen sex and romance.

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Fourteen is too young, but the the more you fight her, the more she will fight you. By Sarah Brown - commented on Sep 1, Thanks for the kind words Valarie, if my girls are anything like me as a teenager, I got my work cut out for me! That's where parental involvement, or lack of it, comes into play, says Jennifer N.

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The boys took a while to accept her stand but now they know she's not "on offer" she has many great friends and says she has so much more fun than her dating friends.

This is and things are VERY different from what they used to be.

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If they go to his parents house I make sure his mom or dad or someone is there also. If kids aren't ready for marriage then what is the purpose of them dating?

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By Sarah Titsworth - Posted on Jul 4,