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She began to show OCD symptoms under the stress and sorted out a detailed colour-coded map of her movements for the day only to break down in tears when a lecture was cancelled.

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She becomes concerned with Bianca's way of dealing with her son's death. April believes Bianca is actually in love with Liam Murphy and she tries to push her sister and Liam together.

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The actress successfully auditioned for the role of April and she described the process as quick. She was jealous when Dexter turned to Steph rather than her when Romeo was diagnosed with cancer and disappeared and tried to warn Steph off, accusing her of putting pressure on Dexter, only for Dexter to tell her off and decide they needed a proper break and to spend time apart. She likes what she sees. The sisters eventually reconcile and Bianca asks April to be her birthing partner. She felt rejected so Irene and Bianca suggest she whom is april from home and away dating friends at uni.

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She offered to accept her punishment but Sid felt she was sorry and kept the matter quiet. Having failed to get into medicine, April decided to repeat Year She planned to confess but Ruby talked her out of it and disposed of the fusion christian dating, although Heath realised what had happened when he saw her. After Xavier had punched Dexter, she tried to talk to him to sort things out but only made matters worse because he thought she wanted to get back together. Wanting a challenge, she came up with an idea to ban the sale of bottled water, so people would have to fill bottles from water fountains rather than throwing them away.

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When Bianca learns she is pregnant with Heath's baby, she and Liam try to keep it a secret. After inadvertently sending the ambulance to the wrong address, Dexter took her to hospital himself where she ended up suffering an allergic reaction to the anti-venom.

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When she learns about the closure of Summer Bay HighApril chains herself to the gates. Built by Chris Jenkins. She managed to repair her friendship with Xavier and helped Kelly keep her job when she dating lowestoft ran over Colleen. Bianca finds Xavier and he is also rushed to the hospital.


April consoles her sister when she begins having nightmares and she supports Irene when she learns she has breast cancer. She was bewildered when Bianca got angry about Heath proposing to her.

When Xavier discovered John and Gina had got back together without telling him, April helped him understand the situation better. Xavier apologizes, but April appears distant.

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She invited a classmate, Brett Smith, to the Diner to study with her but he mistook it for a date and things got even more awkward when he turned out to be a friend of Dexter. When she was unable to prove otherwise, he felt she saw him as a patient rather than a boyfriend and told her they needed to take a break, prompting her to move out and leaving them uncertain whether or not they were spending time together.

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She roped Heath into driving her, Xavier and Ruby to a car rally but Bianca chided her for spending time with him. He initially refused before turning up in her bedroom and agreeing. April made her peace with Xavier and then approached Heath, only to find that he viewed their night together as a one-off.

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April has travelled the world and has become independent and wise beyond her years because of it. Arnold Schwarzenegger regrets cheating on Maria Shriver with his housekeeper and admits it was a huge mistake Yin to her yang!

She managed to convince Heath to support Bianca at the hospital when Rocco was ill with meningitis and, after he recovered, helped Bianca move in with Heath. She pondered if Casey and Ruby were a couple and learned that Sasha liked Casey. She became jealous when she saw Dexter and Lottie had becomes friends, prompting Dexter to suggest she was only interested because someone else was. She was shocked to hear Dexter was dating a classmate, Kate Hanlon, and got into a jealous argument with her when the teens went away together. She and Kyle took Tamara home and tried unsuccessfully to jog her memories of Casey but she was concerned that Kyle had started getting close to Tamara, accusing him of taking advantage of the situation.

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