Why are asian parents so strict about dating Asian Parents; too posessive over their daughters!?

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No matter if I paid my way through college. Well, maybe I don't want to go to Harvard!

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What should I do? I don't think my parents ever really saw themselves as "Americans. You can switch tests with me! Submit a new link. After a while I slowly intoduced new things to my parents such as staying out a little later, going out with friends, ect.

I want to say that the argument that Asian Parents act like assholes because they just want the best for their kids is a copout. Posted 25 June - Tell her that you'll call every hour for your friend's party. Who you are, what you wear, what you do- it's all up to them 3.

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When I started why are asian parents so strict about dating after college, for a short period of time, my parents STILL preferred that I didn't date because they wanted me to have 6 figure salary and a post graduate degree before I started dating. Why you no get ? My dad agreed with me, saying it's the "American" Dutch I have to make sure you no using drug or do illegal things.

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First, your partner needs to be the opposite sex. I was also told that I had to save myself for marraige. They had never "allowed" me to date or drink, or go out with friends, or go out alone, or you name it when I was living with them, so I'm not too thrilled about telling them about my dating life now.

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I know its kinda annoying but in my opinion thats actually kinda a good thing, keeps all the potential bad people away. Prior to bringing him home I had finally gained enough "trust" from my parents to where I didn't have an offical curfew.

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What also really helped was the fact that my mother's coworkers talked her into giving me a chance. Most victims of this sort of abuse end up never feeling worthy of love or success, and never feel that they are "enough" for their parents.

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Growing up, I was never allowed to go out. Mom talking to her 10 year old: It's simple, you don't meet up to their standards they have no problem in getting rid of you. Your personality, what you believe in, your appearance.

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Want to add to the discussion? Also, white people, amirite. I'm just so tired having this talk about my boyfriend's I tried telling my mom that it's very likely I end up NOT MARRYING my boyfriend who is a wonderful guy and I don't mean it like he's not marriage material, it's just we're both so young, and the relationship is so new, and regardless of the partner, I myself am just nowhere ready to get married at Anything lower than an A is considered a failure.

So marrying someone whose birth year does match mine means we are going to live happily forever after like fairy tale?

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Btw my family raised me in the city. Posted 08 January - It will be hard but shes going to have to accept you cant just have girl friends.