Willcox and gibbs dating Willcox & Gibbs Chain Stitch Sewing Machines

Willcox and gibbs dating

See the slipper that pulled the work through on top! Patches of heaven Main Site Index: James had lived a full and amazing life, one of adventure and invention. In Virginia Valley he oversaw the manufacture of Saltpetre, but as the war spread to his valley, his home, and his works were laid waste by the Union Army.

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If one thread will do, why bother with two, To break, to confuse, and to tangle? James and his men escaped and on 5 June they fought as a unit in the battle of Piedmont in Augusta County. The only major improvement was in when the glass tension discs were replaced with an automatic tension device which ensured the machine could not get out of adjustment. Early patent diagram describing the motion of the hook which unlike other hooks held onto the thread until the second stroke of the needle caught it again.

I have not tracked down the factory yet but the search is on!


It was made in America in and has the less ornate but still and dating hand crank produced for the European market. Something strange happened infor production crumbled to less than 16, and similar drops were recorded by other sewing-machine manufacturers. Then add the first two digits of the number you have to James sold him half the interest in his machine.

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You can do some basic embroidary if you sew on the back, the pretty chain stitch will be on the front. The Company finally closed in The finished sewing machines were sent to America and supplied to retailers around Europe.

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He needed to get his and dating patented as soon as humanly possibly. All he had to do was get his patents. I enjoyed it very much.

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He seemed to be the perfect man with the perfect idea. Some of them very rare today. This is the birth of mass production at the company as orders rocketed.

This stitch would stretch and go back and was widely used in babies and toddlers clothing. You will be greeted by the internet's finest people and your enquiries will be answered by leading experts.

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Thanks again for yur help. In addition to the basic mechanical patents, Gibbs also patented the design of the sewing-machine head in Old Chain Stitch machines produce a stitch so deficient in principle that it can never be relied on. The machines were a great success as they were cheaper than the competitors and generally regarded as the most reliable of any single thread or chainstitch machines.

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One of the true Sewing Machine Kings. Family, Nature, gardening, my pets, cooking in the fireplace, all things vintage, and the simple pleasures in life. I' really wanting to get going with this machine, thanks again, Tanya. The Gibbs chainstitch I have to say that on his early machines there are at least five patent dates that pre-date his. Some came on deeper wooden bases.

Work began early in with the local New England Butt Company casting the frames. I drilled a hole in an old drawer and used bolt that came with the motor bought on ebay to bolt the machine down. Their beautiful lines and superb stitching make them a collectors dream.


Parts can still be found on Ebay. I've got the motor mounted and the machine set up, and it is wonderful. Your site very informative and getting all this history was wonderful.