Woman dating a man 7 years younger Dating a Younger Man – Good Idea or Not?

Woman dating a man 7 years younger

I want to thank everyone for your comments.

I have to be honest and say that in the beginning, it did bother me a little…but ONLY me. This model makes some sense in low resource situations or when women have no rights or education. Board Rules Advanced Search.

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Age in relation to childbearing for her may be an issue, but Here are the reasons you wave off the idea of dating young: We tease each other about it occasionally - but it's really a total non-issue. I am intelligent and mature enough for this kind of commitment. I can't know for sure. We met when he was 23 and I was 34, married three years later after spending our first year apart while he was deployed. I think the problem is that you two seem to be looking for something concrete when you are really still in the stage of the relationship where you're exploring and learning about each other.

Fading taboo Though the double standard persists, acceptance has come a long way. So I leave you with a question that I was asked as a teenager when I was bereft at the end of a relationship.

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This stood out for me: Totally agree with AzraelBrown. It's one of those internet observations that goes from being "this is sort of true a lot of the time mostly because of [SOCIAL FACTORS] and there are lots and lots of exceptions" to being "this is an iron-clad rule that derives from our biology and applies to everyone so suck it up ladies".

As stigma lessens for women dating younger men, couples tout the benefits of the age gap

I think that if there is a genuine attraction age should not matter, but I also think we need to be realistic. Any piece of advice??? Before we were even dating I remember agonizing over the knowledge that if I were to go for it, it would mean total commitment.

Long distance is tough.

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Reproductive realities are a common evolutionary reason academics cite for why men tend to go for younger women, and women for older i. Anonymous on May 29, at 4: Both of them are religious people who take marriage and commitment very very seriously; that may help to mitigate any age gap problems.

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Clearly, you're not a young kid with no independence, and no basis for knowing what you like. Let go of your inhibitions… and what you may discover is that the world feels a little bigger, and the night a lot younger.

He was a pop culture junkie, like me, and remembered many of the toys and such of my woman dating a man 7 years younger because his older brother had them. My late husband was 6 years younger, but everyone assumed he was my age or older.

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As some others have said, I would be more concerned about the age you're at now. We will see I guess. At the time we age-peers raised eyebrows at the match because 30 seemed "old" oh, how dumb dating crewe werebut they have been married for about a decade now, and she gave birth to their second child 6 months ago.

What are your experiences with buying a home in Free clean sober dating sites fact is, he's bought his plane tickets. My husband returned from his deployment and despite being on the phone constantly while he was away, we were together for six months before getting engaged, and then another six months before getting married.

I made it a point to bring this up and he was fine on no kids. Also, the only time I think about our age difference is along the lines of "gee, I've been driving for 23 years now and he's only been driving for nine.

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