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That's what we plan to do, along with revising rating requirements and a few other tweaks. We would rather those teams win half their matches. We have had this thing called the tournament realm, where all competitors had access to exactly the same template characters and character class choices. For example, you and your friend make a team.

How does the arena matchmaking system actually work?

It also works in reverse, with your MMR wow arena matchmaking up initially. Originally Posted by rzy.

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At least, I think this is how it works. Or you could shift up all the ratings by points. I know we're not elite arena players, but we're not THAT terrible. So team rating is now below I just can't understand why you didn't check averages, standard deviations and other stats on your hidden ratings before pushing them live.

Gear that most players consider to be worth their time including the players below rating have requirements that are too harsh relative to how hard it is to get "good" gear through other parts of the game including by buying hateful gladiator gear for emblems. It was fun, and it didn't matter. Not in BC, not in LK. However, i got my pally friend to make a new 2v2 team was previously in one with about 1.

That way, everyone's experience is to climb toward the rating they're successfully playing at.

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Sorry if that sounded like QQ, its just very discourging. We take this into account.

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While I understand all of what you typed, it also means I'm done with arenas. Changes need to be made now, not in several months.

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For instance, on my 2's team we are sitting around MMR is what decides who you play your match making rating. I know in the end i just gave up In Wow, you do not have this option, instead, you have the option to roll a FOTM and hope that it doesnt get nerfed by the time you hit Because it is seriously annoying me how are wow arena matchmaking team rating is aboutand yet we go agains players with a rating of 1.

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This way the people who are mediocre with great gear can be dethroned by people who truly deserve to be there. You know, I kinda just wanna keep uic dating games until it becomes less than 20 points a loss, then maybe I'll have a feeling of accomplishing something when I win a game To me it seems you didn't know where the hidden ratings would land once you threw the new calculations at players.

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We didn't expose the hidden rating in game because we felt it would be too confusing to see a 3rd rating, particularly considering players don't need to make any decisions based on it. I used them in BGs.