Zoey 101 logan and quinn dating Quinn-Mark Relationship

Zoey 101 logan and quinn dating

Logan soon drives by on his Jet-X and notices that she is upset.

Later on, Logan apologized to Quinn, along with the rest of the gang. Quinn and Logan start dating secretly, and they have to convince everyone, especially Michael, who may have seen them hugging, that they still hate each other. Overall, this season shows that Quinn and Logan have a frenemy type of relationship; with them getting along in one episode and then making fun of each other in the next.

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They end up kissing for the first time. They are both afraid of the abuse they'll get if they publicly date.

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Ad blocker interference detected! However, when Mark rejects her, she flees to a bench to cry. In Season 3 Quinn and Logan appear to be more friendlier towards each other and seem to hang out together more often.

Quinn and Logan are on the same side of the debate about who should get the radio. Logan and Quinn, along with Michael, believe that Charles Galloway really existed and are happy when they find the proof that he did exist, proving the rest of the gang wrong.

Throughout the very first episode, Welcome to PCAthey show strong signs of hatred towards each other. It could also be because both of them have started hanging out with Zoey and the gang more often and have to interact with each other more frequently. They suddenly kiss each other passionately, but it is awkwardly broken when a horse bearing Michael and Zoey gallops by.

In order to throw him off, they plan a fake fight, which leads to Michael say that they fight like an old married couple. For the rest of the season, Quinn and Logan continue to secretly see each other, but this eventually introduces some complications.

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Logan's arrogance pops up again and he boasts to Quinn that he will be the next Customer of the Week. Despite the rivalry between them, Quinn and Logan have shown that they can put their differences aside and work together well when helping the rest of gang out with their usual schemes. Quinn Misses The Mark - present.

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Elated, Quinn reciprocates his feelings, and the two kiss passionately in front of everybody. He puts her glasses back on, bringing back the real Quinn. Quinn helps Logan with his free throws in basketball, but tricks him into doing stupid and embarrassing stuff as revenge for him calling her a spaz. Quinn gets them a spray that's supposed to get rid of the skunk smell.

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